AS1 Production Blog


This blog is about the work I do in class and at home combined. The week count is a personal time management for myself, the weeks might differ to how many weeks we actually have for the assignment.

Week 1 :

First week , 4 hours of work this week

For this assignment we are required to design a 2 dimensional game on unity which should have the following :

  • A controllable player character with minimum of 2 working animation states (e.g. walk and idle).
  • A walk able environment with some collectable objects (I.e. walls)
  • A moving enemy that can reduce the player’s health
  • A health bar and health pickups
  • A particle effect
  • A menu screen featuring a logo and a button with 3 animated states (default, hover, activated)
  • A level select screen
  • A pause screen
  • A finish level tile
  • A weekly production blog

I am going to run through each task week by week to see how the progress is handled. Today I am just going to plan out what I need to do for this week. I am going to research a collection of visual mood-boards for extra ideas and general illustrations in case I get stuck on anything at any point, this way time wont become a problem.

Mood board


After looking at this mood board I already have various ides in my head to how i want my own Art to look for the environment and the tank itself, I will come back to this mood board whenever I need to brainstorm something.


WhatsApp Image 2020-01-01 at 15.31.56.jpeg

Name of the game : Tanked away

Environment : indoor platform

Environment Materials : wood and concrete.

Colours used for Environment : red, indigo/purple, black and grey

Environment theme : dark and saturated colours

Tank colour : green, black and yellow

small enemy shape : upside down triangle

Big enemy shape :

Small enemy colour : red and black

Big enemy : red and black

Health bar colour : sea blue, red and black

Health potion colour : red and purple

So far for the main scene, the list above covers everything i need to do for the Art design, I will make a start on all of this next week.

week 3 :

6 hours of work this week

I have managed to finish the Art design of the environment , HUD and the characters. now since this is the end of the week I will start with the animation and general movement next week.

So far I am finding this assignment as a bit of a challenge so I wouldn’t say I am enjoying it as I should be but I am sure in the coming weeks once I get the hang of the tools and when to apply them I will understand and enjoy the work more.  

week 4 :

5 hours of work this week

I have just looked at the tutorials for the animation of the player movement and followed exactly what was told and I can say I have made good progress, all of the players are intractable and it shows for example, the tank loses some health if in contact with the enemy and the enemy always follows the main player, the objective I to just get away from them without getting touched.

So far I can convey that my game has a very retro theme to it. It illustrates a 90s theme because the graphics of the game does look like it is a 2019 pixel game, it looks more like a 90s pixel game which is exactly what I was going for.I think I have achieved it, ideas are still in development so I do not know if anything will change in the coming weeks so I am not finalising anything as of now 

Next week I will be looking at how to make a main menu, pause menu and a level select. 

week 5 :

7 to 8 hours of work this week

I have just finished designing the main menu and linked the play button to the main scene. I wasn’t planning on spending so long on the main menu itself but I ran into a hurdle there was a certain tool that wasn’t showing up.

It turns out I was on the wrong version of unity so I had to save my work turn the program off and download the new version. Now I am back where I should of been five hours ago, this might of caused a slight delay in time management because I have a lot to get done for this assignment on its own.

Next week i will be looking into designing the pause menu and the level select and linking everything with each one another.

week 6 :

45 minutes of work this week, no new progress 

I forgot my USB at home so i didn’t have any work to do in class for 4 hours, hence why I didn’t know what to do when I arrived back home.

I realised that the tank does not move up and down, only side to side and the tanks main movement is to be moving up and down. There was not a tutorial about this so I had to figure this out myself, 45 minutes later I still don’t  know what to do.

I am now going to wait to go in class and ask Dan for help. I cannot move on to the next part until this is fixed because I don’t like leaving stuff unfinished if its being done in order.

week 7 :

8 hours of work this week

We managed to fix what was wrong and now I am back on track. I have also designed the work pause menu and the level select and have link both to one another using the build settings.

Up to this point I am enjoying the assignment a lot I am learning how to use a whole new program which is quite a big achievement in just 7 weeks time.

I started off very slow due to learning how to use the program first now the basics are in the bag so i can get through a task slightly quicker than however long it was taking prior to the first week. Next week I will be looking into anything improvements of the art design or the animation itself.

week 8 :

2-4 hours of work this week 

I had a look at the art overall and i was not happy with how some of the materials looked so i spent around 1 hour fixing the environment again and I am satisfied with the platform and the walls now.

There is a slight problem, the UI setting is show up and I need to make another button and for that i need to create a canvas first which i cannot do. i will have to wait to go in class and do this now, other than that everything is up to date with the assignment brief

This work is very exciting once you get the hand of it. i have a total different view towards it now and what it was at the start of the first 2-4 weeks.

week 9 :

28th December 2019 

I am waiting for the 6th so I can fix the problem I have at the moment. So far everything up to date, i might need to fix some things on the blog and change some ideas that i did not apply to the final game

week 10 :

6th of January 2020

In today’s class I asked for Dans help and we sorted out the problem by deleting the library in the unity folder so the UI option appears again. I have managed to complete everything that is on the assignment with 3 days to go over and improve on anything major if need being.

The time management has been alright because I was not expecting to finish this in time for the deadline but as I started to understand the basics and started picking up the speed with the process.


Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project in the last 5-7 weeks. I am pleased with myself for being able to learn something completely new and also being able to give time to following and learning from tutorials which were on NILE.

One aspect which I am not good at is that when it comes to learning something new I don’t tend to do work in my own time, I can see that this has changed over the course of this assignment because I was able to sit down and spend time watching tutorials and following them as a guideline.

Some aspects that I would change for this work if i was to do it again is time management because realistically I can sit here and say I  accomplished everything from my own knowledge and that would be a bad lie. since I know I still need to follow tutorials for certain things for the next assignment inside unity, the only thing to improve on is managing in general.







Flyer (3 day project)


We have been asked to design a flyer for parents and students/ new comers. I am not allowed to use the internet meaning no secondary research influence, this needs to be done purely from the ideas I produce myself without looking at anything else.

I am going to design around 6 different layouts and 6 different designs on those layouts. I will use adobe illustrator for the designing process Indesign for the touch ups later. All my designs will consist of the same color combinations and some might differ.

I have designed A-Z fonts for my previous assignment all consisting of a different design direction. I can now use those ideas for the flyers as this is supposed to be all primary research. I will start this 1 day before the deadline since it’s a 3 day assignment.

On the Wednesday I will write dow everything I need to do for this brief. Thursday will be the designing day and then Friday I will annotate everything with evaluation. Everything will go up on my blog because that is how I find it easy to get my assignments finished.

I will print out my final design on special paper in A3 size for everyone to see and I will also make a flyer by hand in A5 size. I will use the pen tool and the paint barrel tool mostly for all the designing process because I work well with those tools.

My designs will be unique. I will try to make them eye catching for the target audience which are school kids who are 15 and over and also sometimes parents like to read college flyers so I will have that aspect in mind while designing. (Mature/playful at the same time).

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-07 at 14.45.33.jpeg

These are the the pictures that are on the assignment brief. This is the only picture I can look at to help me with my own final outcome. I am already thinking of so many ideas just by looking at these flyers. Maybe I can combine some of these to make a new design.


WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 10.45.04.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 10.45.04-2.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 10.45.04-3.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 10.45.04-4.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 10.45.04-5.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 10.45.04-6.jpeg

These are some quick ideas I drew in my sketchbook. This is to help me when I am designing the flyers digitally.

All of these designs are purely primary. I feel like due to this I have learnt that I don’t always have to get influence from the internet for ideas, I can actually produced these shapes in my head. It’s just a matter of getting them out on paper.

I have drawn them in pencil first then went over it with black marker. I think these designs show some great qualities such as the line technique contrasts well with the directional shapes in each design.

I personally like the color scheme because it is very quite limited meaning it looks controlled in my opinion and no to messy and all over the place. simple but effective.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 10.45.04-7.jpeg

This picture above illustrates how I can design the text and illustrations slightly differently in each of the flyers. This works as my own mood board which will help me throughout the process.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 2.18.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 2.14.02 PM.png









Final Design


Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.16.31 AM.png

This is my final piece for this project.

I used illustrator to design this drawing. I am quite pleased with the outcome I achieved in just under an hour. I used the pen tool, paint tool and a drawing pad for the background patterns which represent the sky.

The whole point of this design is to show a concept design for a game. This game has no background or story but I was to be asked the main purpose behind it my reply would be that as we can see in the picture there are 5 floating lands and on the last landing there is a Tower (Pen Tower).

That is mainly the reason for it relating back to the assignment. I received a highlighter pen for this project and I had to make do with whatever came to mind first. At first I had an idea to make a logo out of this pen.

Later on as the days went by I realized that is something which I will not enjoy. However what I would enjoy is creating a game environment from scratch just to show how my fantasy works.

I attempted to print this out in A3 but the printer did not mimic the colors properly hence why I threw it away and just decided to use this platform to show my final design.

Overall I’m impressed with this design. I have stated before I can’t work well with quick deadlines and I think if I had more time I could have achieved a whole storyline behind this simple design and I would have made some graphical changes in photoshops to make it look more neat and clean and eventually get rid of rough edges.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.39.06 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.38.53 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.40.20 AM.png

These are the main tools that were used throughout.


Overall I am happy with this assignment I was actually better with time management this time.

What I mainly enjoyed about this project is the fact that my ideas kept changing because I was never satisfied with the ideas I was getting earlier in this assignment but eventually I decided I wanted to do something along the lines of the course that I want to undertake in university which is Games Art.

This is good practice for me as opinions will make my work better for the good before I go to any interviews.

I could have done better but there is always next time and I will make sure to better spread out my ideas rathe than just sticking to one thing from the start.

I enjoyed designing the A2/A3 sheets because I could spread out everything that I chose to put on them, rather than having a sketchbook. It was better this way as it was easier to receive and execute ideas to my final piece .


Character development



These two characters were produced using Adobe fuse. It didn’t take a long time as the templates are more or less already spoon fed for us. We just had to create the skin sag for the enemy character by dragging around the skin, for the main character it was pretty much just clothing templates were already designed so it was just a matter of choosing and putting them on the character.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.23.51.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.24.29.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.24.07.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.23.58.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.22.27.png

Main character

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.24.26.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.24.52.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.24.59.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.24.35.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.24.43.png

Animation/ Stop motion/ Research

Animation assignment

12 principles of animation


These are the 12 principles of animation producers use while creating an animation, the quotation mark is marked by myself

Squash and stretch:

‘In 3D animation, squash and stretch is a technique that is applied to an animated or in-motion characters to give them a more exaggerated movement.’


‘An anticipation pose or drawing is a preparation for the main action of an animated scene, as distinct from the action and the reaction.’


‘is the third of twelve basic principles of animation, and is often overlooked by animators, despite its ability to inform every aspect of a narrative. Simply put: Staging directs the audience’s attention toward the most important elements in a scene in a way that most effectively tells the story.’

Straight ahead action and pose to pose:

‘Straight Ahead Action and Pose-to-Pose Action. Straight Ahead Action in hand drawn animation is when the animator starts at the first drawing in a scene and then draws all of the subsequent frames until he reaches the end of the.’

Follow through and overlapping action:

Follow through and overlapping action is a general heading for two closely related animation techniques which form part of the 12 basic principles of animation, identified by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston in their authoritative 1981 book on Disney Animation, The Illusion of Life.

Slow in and Slow out:

‘Slow In and Out. This refers to the spacing of the in between frames at maximum positions. It is the second and third order continuity of motion of the object. Rather than having a uniform velocity for an object, it is more appealing, and sometimes more realistic, to have the velocity vary at the extremes.’


In nature, arcs are the most economical routes by which a form can move from one position to another.[1] Such arcs are used extensively in animation, since they create motion that is more expressive and less stiff than action along a straight path.’

Secondary action:

A secondary action is an action that results directly from another action. Secondary actions are important in heightening interest and adding a realistic complexity to the animation. The secondary action of Luxo Jr’s forward motion is the rippling of his power cord. 


‘The Principles of Animation, Timing.  or the speed of an action, is an important principle because it gives meaning to movement.’


‘Exaggeration is an effect especially useful for animation, as animated motions that strive for a perfect imitation of reality can look static and dull. The level of exaggeration depends on whether one seeks realism or a particular style, like a caricature or the style of a specific artist.’

Solid drawing:

‘Solid Drawing In 2D Animation, solid drawing is about creating an accurate drawing with volume and weight, and thinking about balance, and the anatomy in a pose. With 3D animation, animators are less likely to rely on their drawings, but the idea of solid drawing is just as important.’


’12 Principles of Animation: Character Appeal. … Character Appeal is designing a character’s look in a way that’s real, interesting, and engaging to an audience. Character appeal is difficult to quantify – like trying to gauge “charisma” in an actor. Yet as in live action, star quality is important.’

Overall, what I understand from this is that while making an animation before you even get to designing you already know all these 12 principles will apply to it because these principles and basically what makes an animation, if you don’t use these you basically have nothing, just an something in your head, that’s it.




This is the timeline of animation history. As we can see there has been a significant change between the years 1834 to 2012 and even in in the early 90’s the animation technology got very advance for it’s time for example ‘Snow White’.

We are going to be looking at the ways HOW animation has changed these past bunch of decades.

We have come a long way when we take a look at the timeline an the amusing thing is that 3350 drawing animation is still a way of animating to this day which is quite crazy.

As we move on we find out about  the ‘zoetrope’ which is quite often used in horror films where the thing is set to spin around and the animation comes alive when you look inside the circle.

‘The Kinetoscope is an early motion picture exhibition device. The Kinetoscope was designed for films to be viewed by one individual at a time through a peephole viewer window at the top of the device.’

Now moving towards the 90’s the technology started to become more advance and as we can see this machine was just a move advance version of the zoetrope.

Moving forward we find that the animation was in the forefront of production and now this would allow more people at once to view something like John Brays studios and from then on animation has become so very advanced from Snow White in 1937 (The Snow White also comes down to drawing production) and to now for example ‘Ice age’ which is fully computer based when designing.

An Individuals Hope

‘A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen’:

Now, this is the example that google gives but I’m going to give you my own example of hope. I think the word hope can be used in many events and situations depending on how someone is taking it, for example I’m using Obama’s slogan for this part.

The Poster states ‘hope’. He was the president of America so we clearly know who this is aimed at, yes, the people of america who were in search for hope, they were in a search of a leader that can give them hope for a better America.

So this is where Obama came in and self chose himself to be Hope for America. This slogan somewhat did give hope to the people in that time. Thats my example for hope. Hope can also be used in  negative situation so it’s not always good to hope.

‘I hope he/she dies’, this is false hope for someone and for the person hoping because there is a saying that if you think good for people good will happen to you. So hope is also used for pros and cons.

A group of Hope

Religion somewhat lives on hope as well. Majority of religions these days hope for word peace together, it’s their to live a peaceful life and they expect everyone to hope for more or less the same desire but every religion always has an extremist that that has a different type of desire.

In this case i’m using terrorists as an example. They kill innocents and hope to live a happy after life in heaven which is complete nonsense according to the Holy books such as the Quran and Bible. So either hope for something good or don’t hope at all.

Also as the terrorists or extremists get brain washed by their leaders, the leaders give them hope that after killing they will live a happily ever after which clearly isn’t the case.


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-31 at 17.52.22.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-31 at 17.52.22 (1).jpeg

Second idea

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-31 at 17.52.22 (2).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-31 at 17.52.22 (3).jpeg

This is the animation storyboard I designed in my sketchbook using pencil. It shows a basic story example of how the animation will run, how long each scene is and where the camera will be shooting from.

Animation Mood board  

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.09.21.png

This is a mood board which gives us a visual of what kind of animation gave me an idea of what kind of animation I wanted to make.

At first I had an idea of making a character influenced by Johnny bravos body and using the face of action man from Dexter lab. Overall the character turned out great.  Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.18.55.png

However, To move this kind of character around in the animation would be so much effort and I hardly had enough time to make it so I made Second story board with a skinny character, that didn’t move much, only the background made movement.

This idea helped me to finish the animation on time. This character was produced on Illustrator in 10 minutes because his face didn’t need much detail neither his body.


When I looked into this 90s animation, I could not find any ideas from anywhere to what  I wanted to do. I found influence from characters from  couple of cartoon network cartoons such as Johnny bravo. His physic was perfect for my characters body style and for the face i got influence from a character from Dexters lab which was action man.

 My idea developed quite alot along the way because when you create one thing, another pops in mind and then you think, I can actually combine these two to make my piece. For my first idea, the background design developed due to the ‘power puff girls’.

They tend to have a very bright coloured environment and thats what I wanted to make because in my opinion the surroundings gave a good example of hope. Also that kind of background changes the mood in a good way.

My idea did change half way through because my character was so well designed, actually it was too well designed. What I mean by that is that is I would have to put so much effort into little movements of his body which I could do but I hardly had any time left. I changed my whole idea of the story due to that.

My second idea was pretty good. The storyboard was well written in my judgment. The lighting was the only problem, the animation shown was a bit dull and didn’t show much of a crisp image to be honest.

I think the movement could have been much better performed by the characters (MYSELF). This was designed on Illustrator and only Illustrator so we have to allow it. Next time, when i’m designing the scenes i’ll surely use Photoshop for better effects.

I think my final overall all design was satisfactory because as I stated before, I had little time which was my own fault so what I produced at the end was rushed but in reality I think it gave a good image/example on hope. I could make a lot of changes in character movement, the background and the storyboard in general.

Judging by the feedback I got it was exactly what I thought it would be ‘could of been much better’ so keeping that in mind I will do much better next time. I will give myself a lot more time. I also think my animation was too short and it could have been well longer

Overall it may be considered that my animation did not meet the full requirements in success but its something to watch review and hand in.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.10.15.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.15.16.png

This is one of the responses I received from my a family member. I think the response was a on point to whatever I had in my head, what I mean by that is this survey overall indicates that this animation needs big improvement and that it wouldn’t be used for official production purposes.

The bunch of responses i received also help me understand how I can produce a better storyboard , not only that the overall survey answered were similar and all mostly stated one thing in particular which was the character development  could be improved to a good extent.

In my opinion these survey answer will help me improve my animation because mostly all of the responses were what I already had in mind which means the responses were quite honest. I had overall 4 to 5 responses but the one I put up on my blog had gave me the biggest sense of how i could actually improved.

In all the surveys one response was the same as I stated before and that answer was “character development could be improved”, keeping that in mind I also thought deeper into this issue and finalise what else i needed to improve on alongside the character, which was the background.

One of the questions in my survey was, ‘would you consider this for production’ and the response was always not yet, meaning if I developed the background and the characters the consideration would change.

2D animation 

‘A Zoetrope is another animation device which is very similar to the phenakistoscope. In this case the Zoetrope consists of a cylinder with slits cut vertically in the sides so people can look through and see the moving photographs or drawings.’

‘This also produces the illusion of motion. The person who invented this was William George Horner. He was a British mathematician who was aware about the development of the Phenakistoscope and created the Zoetrope in 1833 or 1834.’

As we can see, William George Horner was a early animator and he produced the zoetrope which allowed people to view animation through a cylinder which spun around, the basic overall point was to view 2d animation through that cylinder because around that time there a wasn’t screen viewing such as tv cinema of any sort so this was a start towards development .

When we look into the later years we find that disney released Snow white which was fully 2d animated, it was unrealistically good for its time because bearing in mind colour for movies was still in process and snow white came out in colour which is something to think about.

When we think about the process from that ‘zoetrope’ time to after 80 years or so we now know audio, colour and a very dramatic and long story board went into making this snow white animation because while comparing to the early cylinder animation we know there was necessarily no audio or a dramatic story board put into the making.

Nowadays, what the zoetrope provided at that time can be produced in a college on a Mac whereas at that time it was made a well developed man.

So it’s something to think about how times change. obviously now in 2d animation we see there are computers in use even for snow white in 1937 and in that process comes along the 12 principles of animation which has already been stated before. IN the earlier days this might have not been acquired.

As we can see, this video takes us through the steps of early animation. We find that this animation in the early days took a lot of effort. we also find that most of the times the animations were produced by hand.

The process went something like this, First to start off with the producers would sit down in a room and and make the storyboard this would then follow up with the flip book or flip pages.

This would mean that after drawing all the characters and background bit by bit with a slight movement on every page, it would then be put under a projector. The colour less animation would then be viewed by people on the projector screen.

The music and sound effect production was quite fascinating, this is because to this day the music is produced live by people playing instruments and body on action (body on and voice action for sound effects.

This is how snow white was mostly produced, it was hands on action. If we compare it to now, most and nearly all companies such as disney have upgraded to everything mostly computer based which in my opinion is better because it illustrates better colour and lighting.

In comparison to my animation, i think flip book animation would make my animation look bad because in flip book or hand drawn animation there is more of a realistic body illustrations, for example a sneeze would mean the face would clench first and it would be easy to draw that with hand but with my animation there is a lot of stiffness.

Overall the basic point of this video is that it shows how the early animation was made and how it relates to snow white 1937.

Stop Motion


This was my specific research which was pixilation stop motion, it requires some camera movements if needed or else the camera is fixed in one place and the pictures are taken movement by movement. The whole point is that it will look like a picture video so pixel by pixel movements.

My stop motion

I started off my stop motion with two script designs in my sketchbook. This was so I could have an idea of how and where my 5 second stop motion would take place.

So I decided to do a simple but effective design which was me pretending to take out pencils out of the pencil pack on amazon on the monitor which was pretty cool in my opinion.

My second idea was to take pencils out of the phone screen but due to the size it would look unrealistic.

This assignment was Stop motion based but I got given a specific area of it which was pixilation.

This is where the Camera does not move at all and it stays in the same exact position for the remainder of the 5 seconds.

The amusing part of this process is that it gives you a lot of freedom where you can make anything with anything and anywhere.

This is the stop motion

STOP MOTION STORYBOARD20170526_163211.jpg20170526_163206.jpg

This is the storyboard I have drawn in my sketchbook to give a visual idea of how my stop motion animation would look like.

Stop motion research 

‘Stop motion -a cinematographic technique whereby the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, for example to give animated figures the impression of movement.’

Kubo and the two strings is all about stop motion, nothing about this has anything to do with anything other than stop motion.

Other than the backgrounds and some of the characters and motions are green-screen to give it more of a better effect.

In my opinion stop motion takes an intensely long time if you are making and over hour long movie and I struggled with just 5 seconds so we can now see how much effort it takes to make something like this.

Of course, I only used pencils a camera and a Mac in one area but it was still hard to keep still and precise on the movement of the hand.

This is because one foul shot or foul move could ruin all of the 5 seconds because if one picture was deleted all of them would have to be deleted.

Normally how stop motion works is that if there are about 60 shots it will skip from 1 to 4 for 1 move and will get to sixty in a bunch of moves so every image has to be in sink.

Mood Boardstopmotion.png

This is an example of stop motion animation. We have all watched these cartoons, shows on tv, some when we were younger like shawn the sheep and some new ones like caroline.

I personally think this is a great way of making tv shows because when the younger audience grows up they tend to understand what kind of effort is put into stuff like this so they appreciate it more and then it gets popular.

Moreover I also think that this is a hands on sort of animation which i would personally enjoy making and i’m sure a lot of you would also enjoy it.

Stop motion EVALUATION

I am quite pleased with my stop motion, as I stated before I placed the camera behind the chair in front of the desk. The camera visualising half of the monitor screen because I had to get more of the desk in the camera because the whole idea was to show how the pencils become the letter ‘E’.

I got influence from many stop motions such as shawn the sheep and Wallace and grommet. My stop motion actually relates nothing to those two shows but for my research I looked into the close up scenes for example if the character was holding an object and the camera is zoomed in to show the little movement of how the hand moves. That was my main influence for my idea.

My idea stayed the same throughout the process, that is because in my head i knew what i was trying to produce would really workout well as it was quick and easy to make. The camera was on auto shot mode and it took pictures while my hand moved in slow motion, so the amusing part was that it was all pictures that looked like a 5 second video.

I did have some trouble, while the picture folder was in adobe premier there was a sudden glitch near the end when it was played. That is because I took a triple shot of the same movement by mistake which is also the fault of the auto shot mode, that basically showed me how not to always find the easy way out of these things.

So to sort this out, The folder watched re-batched meaning the whole folder was looked over in adobe premier and the shots were re numbered from 200 to make it easier to understand where the first frame starts from, also the triple shot was taken out s that meant not one of my shots were missing which is bad.

So to solve that i stretched the whole 3 seconds to 5 seconds so that meant the stop motion would skip two to three frames but would still look normal. The glitch still didn’t disappear because stretching just meant the whole 3 seconds were stretched as one not image by image.

I had a long thought about that and i decided to work with it rather than re creating the whole thing again. I put a beat drop music at the point of the glitch which made it seem amusing creative.

Overall I am happy with my work, I just think I could have planned it a bit better rather than jumping to the finale, I also think it somewhat meets the requirements.









HUD design/ Logos/ Maps




This is a HUD Design that I produced on Photoshop and Illustrator. Firstly to start of with we designs some sketches of Different HUD’s so later I could look over them and choose the best one and design that as my final HUD.

I found the Illustrator part of this easy because I just used the pen tool to highlight and colour in all the objects one by one and then using the bevel and emboss tool to give it more of a shadow and lighting etc.

As we can see the car I used in this was an Audi because that is my favourite car, I changed the logo of the car but it looks alike but I changed the circles to diamonds. This HUD was completely made by myself and my own ideas.

This took me around 1 week to made as I was working on 1 part of the HUD everyday for 1 hr and finally I produced this. This is a cockpit view to a  car  that i designed why? because the car simulator game that i play is Forza and that’s where i got the idea from.logo.png

This is the team Logo I made using the pen tool in Illustrator. I looked at some designs on google and putting some ideas in mind I designed this which I think totally suits the occasion. The grey shape is a car riding into the C.

The C also represents the track which I chose which was round so I think I ‘conquered’ this idea which Im proud of it. This was made fully on Illustrator, it was and easy to make and it looked good in my opinion.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 13.36.10.png

This is the track which the race would take place. The reason I picked Dubai is because of the freedom feel to it and the open wide deserted areas it had which I think is perfect for a race. I designed this quickly on illustrator.

I took a quick screen shot from google maps and the red line represents where the race would take place and what the track would actually look like.

The reason it’s more round and less straight is because in my opinion it gives the race a competitive feeling to it and so the cars cannot go full speed as some cars are faster than others, so this makes it even and fair for everyone because drifting a car is a next level experience.

The reason I used a red wide red line is to show the wight of the track and that around 3 cars can fit side to side which is something to see as crashes can easily occur on an event like this.



This is the track map design I made using the pen tool in Illustrator. Just a little visual example of what that specific area might look like. This Map represents what’s in my head not what the actual track looks like, so basically a prototype.

First I designed this map in my sketchbook to give myself an idea of how it can be produced on illustrator



1992 – 1996-  super-mario-kart-02.png 

1996-2001-   imgres.jpg

2001-2003-   imgres-2.jpg

2003-2005 –  imgres-3.jpg

2005-2007 –  imgres-4.jpg

2008-2011 –   imgres-5.jpg

2011-2014 –   images.jpg

My Opinion 

my own writing copy from Microsoft word before having word press

The evolution of Mario kart has had a revolutionary change through out the decade. The HUD of the Mario kart is what we are focusing on today. 

As we can see the from 1992 to 2005 there was a lot going on in the HUD such as, your score would pop up every time you achieve something, your power ups would pop up every time you power up and also the maps and timings/ laps e.t.c which are normally always there but a lot changed after 2005.

Mario had no longer got the power up display anymore which most people found amusing and also the positioning display pictures were gotten rid of as well.

This does help to concentrate more on the game rather than having lots of distractions  pop up every time  but i think the originality was gone which is a good thing sometimes but still a bad thing.Also the graphics had a significant change which is good because i personally think that bad pix elated graphics are not  good for the eyes.

The frames per second obviously changed after 2004 and also the resolution of the graphics which made the game more smoother, and lastly as i stated before had a lot of the HUD was no longer there.

Overall the main aspects of the HUD are still there such as the times the laps the map and the extra things like power ups or picture lap display are no loner there.


1992 Super Mario Kart
1996 Mario Kart 64
2001 Mario Kart: Super Circuit
2003 Mario Kart: Double Dash
2005 Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart Arcade GP
2007 Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
2008 Mario Kart Wii
2011 Mario Kart 7
2013 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
2014 Mario Kart 8
2017 Mario Kart for Switch

Now in my opinion some people still today are a fan of classic old games and Mario cart is the best example for this aspect of gaming.

I am person to play high quality graphic games with less of a HUD but that’s just me more people have an opposite opinion to me, but Mario cart is a type of a game which even with bad graphics or bad pix elation everyone would enjoy because that’s how the first game came out and that’s how people love it to this day.

The developers of this game must have got rid of some of the HUD because of peoples suggestions and comments because that how they like it, this also gives you a wider sense of screen.


HUD- Heads Up Display. This is what you normally always have in a games either 1st person,  3rd person or any other kind of game.

This is one aspect that a game will  always have  because it is very important  for the person playing as they will always want to know their progress (points, levels, checkpoints) and such and also their life and where they actually are during a level (health bar, maps. Well some might always use these some tend to disable these features as it annoys them as they just want to see the mission and the person rather than a bunch of displays on the side of the screen.

However even though this option is available some aspects of the HUD are always going to be visible (could be anything) as you wouldn’t be able to play the game without them or even if you can your life would be very difficult trying so.

There is also a different kind of HUD which only some games have which are the menu bar that comes up while playing (if you want to select a different weapon or anything else. because  this cant fit on the screen while playing it works while the game is paused which makes it easier. I have picked Dishonoured because in general I think it gives the best example of different HUD’s.


Moral and ethical

Morals is basically your morals, for example, what you agree on, what your limits are and what you think is right or wrong in different situations and whether you have to change your morals depending on that situation.

Morals lead to ethics, one persons moral could become a  large groups morals and this then leads to law level decisions (How people agree to politicians and how some don’t.

Morals are the principles on which one’s judgements of right and wrong are based. Ethics are principles of right conduct. So the two nouns are closely related and are often interchangeable.’


This assignment was fun. I learned a lot of stuff that goes into making HUD’s.  My idea stayed the same throughout the process because from the start I knew from the top of my head what I wanted to design and what software to use for it.

I did struggle a little, the drawing process in the book was completely fine but when it got to the digital work I every little part of the HUD such as the speed bar and the damage car icon took a lot of time on its own.

First it was designed simply in Adobe Illustrator, than it was improved in Photoshop, to give it better finish to the edges and better lighting and 3D effect overall. It took some time because part of the HUD had to be put through that process but after some time it turned out pretty well.

Out of all the assignments this one was finished on time because like I stated before I already had a scrap idea about it. I think it also met more or less the requirements which was to create a HUD from yourself which I think I did, of course with using some ideas such as Forza and Mario cart.

Mario cart is the one that was most looked into because the graphics of the HUD for obviously not meant to be amazing and realistic like forza so i went half way between Forza and Mario cart and made a HUD which looks like what forza style but with much worse lighting e.t.c. Also that one more reason for good timing because the graphics were not meant to be amazing.






Task 3,4 soundtrack



Here are two sound loops I made using loop labs that i uploaded to Sound cloud.


These two tracks are suppose to represent the kind of music direction I was aiming for keeping Forza 6 soundtrack in mind i wanted it to sound unique and different from then others which is I think I accomplished.

Car simulation Soundtrack research 


Diegetic sound= Sound whose source is neither visible on the screen nor has been implied to be present in the action: This example explains what Forza’s soundtrack is but lets get more into it.

This is all about the Forza 6 soundtrack, now, i think that the music of the game is the biggest aspect of the actual game and without the soundtrack the game would be a nothing.

It’s been said many times that music brings out and is attached to a persons emotions and what they feel at that specific period of time. Well, while playing Forza you want to feel apart of the game as if you are actually driving the car.

I personally think that the music of Forza is perfect for the game. Many people said the soundtrack of this game was really bad, well i think the music fit the occasions perfectly. By occasions I mean, for example; while in a race  the music becomes adventurous and heart pumping and tense, this is good because you are racing and you want to win, without the music you wouldn’t feel anything but in this game the music plays along as you are playing. The menu music is completely different.

When you are in the menu you are attending to different stuff such as garage, shop, or anything other to racing or driving so the music is always going to be calm and quite, obviously it wouldn’t have tense music or you wouldn’t be able to customise e.t.c in relaxation. Also Forza uses unique soundtracks made up by the people that produced the game rather than using realistic music like Need for speed or other simulator games like the crew or project cars.

I wouldn’t say that it has the best music because the instruments used in the soundtrack sound too unrealistic but i still think it fits the games after all its a simulator game only so as the game is very realistic the aspect of the music has to be different to it but will always fir the occasion.

The audio used for Forza 6:

Band Song Genre
Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen Negative Space Composed soundtrack
Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen The Complex Composed soundtrack
Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen Nothing is Stock Composed soundtrack
Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen Hit the Apex Composed soundtrack

The name of the music just sounds unique and out of the earth music. In the menu This game used lots of bell sounds, violin and string type of instruments which when you put them together it games a very unique unrealistic sound which i think is very creative.

It sounds. Whereas while in a race the music uses drums, saxophones e.t.c to get the heart pumping. I have picked this over need for speed or another simulator game because the soundtrack of this game is hard to explain which i want to explain in my own words which i have. i think its better to have developer music in a simulator game.

This whole research is now going to guid me through making my  own audio loops for my simulation game. I want to give my own sound the same music aspect as i enjoy this kind of music in a simulation game. I will not use garageband for this as there as other music softwares which provide easier loops and I think what I’m using is good for the kind of sound I am trying to produce.

Final Poster

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poster 12.png++

Now, these are my 3 final posters that i produced Adobe Illustrator. We are basically going to compare these Posters and see where there is resemblance and where they are different and why.

Lets start of with the first one, as we can see that the colour used in it are both primary and Secondary in the first poster.

After a long time of fiddling  around with colour combination the pair (purple and blue) was the most eye catching and in my opinion the most popular aspect of a design is if its eye catching, if it’s not then who is going to look at it and the whole point is for people to look at it and be amused, this was they would want to find out more information about that specific event which is a goal complete.

I found it very easy designing this design due to my sketches so i already had the design in my head. There was only one tool I used for this which was the pen tool (point to point). The design is only one building which was the shard, the reason i used the shard because it had the perfect shape for a design like this.

poster ext.png

Now, this poster was also produced on Illustrator. I wanted to make this poster a bit different and unique to other normal posters.

As we can see i have used the Shard in this and i have also used the big Ben, the reason was this is because all the other buildings didn’t fit the direction of my design but these two fit perfectly. It looks like everything is where is should be rather than being all over the place. Same for this, I used the pen tool because it the best tool to make shapes like these and its fast and easy.

The reason for the background colour being dark is because the colour of the design is light, dark does not go with dark in my opinion if its dark it should always be a light colour with it even in cloths.

As we can see, the logo is as if its part of the design, this is one of the things i like about this poster. This poster also almost has a futuristic theme to it which was the whole point of this design. I had this whole design in my head so i didn’t need to experiment with other designs like the first one so this poster was produced faster than my main one.

design (2).png

Lastly this was my final poster. The design for this is almost all colour magic, as we can see I used the Lloyd’s  building for this design for a change, plus is fit the aspect of the direction.

The only colour i used for this design is a Secondary colour which bright exciting colour. This took me the longest as i had to put everything in place perfectly and also this was produced on Illustrator so i had no problem with the designing.

Again, i used the pen tool for this as it was easy for me. In comparison to all these posters i think the best one was my main one which is at the top. It had the most work put in to it.One more thing, The way i have designed all these posters is simple, The excellent aspect of Illustrator is it gives you an art board to look and copy because i did not trace, i think that’s too easy to work with.


Fonts are the most important aspect of a poster, For example, lets give you some examples of posters, we have the walking dead, Game of Thrones and such.

When we look at the fonts of these posters we will see that they all fit the genre of the actual show. It’s the same thing with the design with the London Architectural posters, the fonts will always need to with the theme that’s why we have so many fonts to choose from.

In conclusion, When I  started this Poster assignment I found it easy and hard at the same time. Lets start off with the research, I personally found the research quite easy as I had done art last year so that wasn’t a problem.

I had researched the buildings i used in my designs, when they were built how and why was the name so important.

This helped me to understand the way my designs direction direction would go in. I think the research was one of the most important things in this assignment as when you’re working with something you should first know what it is and why.

When it got to designing the posters i found it pretty easy by easily putting two buildings together such as the big Ben with shard (old with new).

This was to show that the traditional posters could also work with modern posters if you had to combine them together. Overall, i found this task easy  to work with as i am good with these kinds of designs.



I have researched different printing techniques to expand my knowledge of printing and different printing styles. This includes different fonts and how they present information to the audience. The posters and fonts styles need to fit the theme of the poster and the targeted audience.

For example as we can see the poster underneath is a traditional poster it is very different to the ones we have now a days. In my opinion the more a poster is simple the more it catches the eye. This poster is actually all over the place but its also fitting, by fitting i mean the font fits the design the use of colour fits the design the use the background makes the original aspect of the poster.

This is a traditionally printed poster. This poster was made for Bauhaus a artistic school in Germany. The poster does not have lot of writing because its mostly aimed at young adults and also its a artistic poster it should be creative to attract the target audience. The font styles that are used in this are really creative so is the positioning of the text. The text size was a really smart choice as your eyes tend to read whats the biggest and more colourful first. When look at the poster makes you read in the order that the creator wants you to read it.


Now lets get to the modern posters. The colour of the modern day posters are more vibrant and they use more or less commonly use the RGB colour scale. The colour used in this poster compliments the text and compared to the poster above this poster uses colour and design rather than just the design.

In my opinion this poster is really bad compared to the traditional posters. It’s hard  to understand the text because the way they have designed it, it’s really unpleasant to the eye which is not a good attraction. Plus the information on the bottom left is very hard to read and i think its not good for the eyes to read extra small text. So overall the it’s 50 50 between  both modern and traditional posters both have there ups and downs.

Lets talk about the font now. I think the traditional poster has more of an exciting font whereas the font on the poster below is a bit too over the point. Its really hard to understand but this is one example out of thousands of modern posters i picked this example because it gives the best explanation to what now a days posters look like.

I also think as the time and generation changes the work of people change as well because the environment has a big effect on how a person thinks or how they react to something so back in the day there was simpleness and the creativeness level was good but to the timeline now a days we are going towards futuristic aspects which mean the posters have to the difference between then and now.